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You Are - album available now

Written and produced by Jess Lamb and Warren Harrison. Featuring the mantra, Beautiful, featuring the voices of Krystal Peterson, Anna Applegate, Olivia Kathryn Hinds, Molly Sullivan, Freedom Nicole Moore, Siri Imani, Karla Weisenberger, Kate Wakefield, Adalia Powell.

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In the Office (Polly Magazine)

"Come on Over" and "Beautiful" performed, stripped down, live at Polly Magazine

Show Me One Thing (live)

Performed live at A String of Hope by Jess Lamb and Warren Harrison - Nov 8, 2020

Video: Ben Fisher / A String of Hope

Come On Over (live)

Performed live at Harrison Skydeck by Jess Lamb and Warren Harrison - Nov 5, 2020

Video: Kris Linkugel

Rainbow chase, facing a wall

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