Pop / Soul / R&B - created with love in Over-the-Rhine, Ohio

This Cincinnati artist sounds like: if Alicia Keys, Ray Charles, Janis Joplin, Florence and the Machine and TLC made a supergroup. Highlighted in dreamy strings and ethereal harmonies… with bits of soulful improv… Jess Lamb and The Factory let the spirit lead.

Receiving worldwide recognition on American Idol, Jess Lamb's powerhouse, gospelesque vocals, bluesy piano stylings, and mantra driven lyrics are sure to empower your soul.

Latest works have been defined by John Diliberto (Echoes Radio, NPR) as "spiritually inclined dream pop," bringing a rich array of influences and collaborations to each record, spanning many genres, exploring fusions of pop, hip hop, rock and electronic music.

Working with epic musical legends through the years, including the GOAT: Speed Walton, Bootsy Collins, Siri Imani, Warren Harrison, Marvel Years, Jason Leech, just to name a few.

The latest album, You Are (Best of Echoes Radio 2021) is available on all streaming platforms.

Come on over and catch sonic revival performed by one of the best vocalists/pianists in the country, featuring a "musical chairs" collective of Cincy artists.

Find tour dates and new releases @ www.jesslamb.com