YOU ARE - CincyMusic review

“Interestingly, and importantly, it doesn’t just capture the sort of "we’re all in this together" isolation of living through the country’s worst pandemic since 1918, but the expanded sense of togetherness that’s coalesced around the desire - and need - for diversity in every aspect of our lives.” - Jared Bowers

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"You're really…the definition of creativity…" ~Harry Connick Jr.

"You have a real point of view. You're an artist, that's plain to see…" ~Jennifer Lopez

"If I was sitting at a club…and you started singing, I would stop, and you would hold my attention until you finished." ~Keith Urban

"Marvelous musicianship coupled with powerful feminine vocals soaring with such soul they would make the late Janis Joplin either weep with joy, or cry in envy". ~Cincy Vibe